Last week I was visiting my friend, the creative, energetic, visionary Ellen Kochansky, director of the Rensing Center.  Rensing supports artists, entrepreneurs, activists, and other visionary thinkers and doers in three arenas: Ecology, Economy, and Creativity.  While riffing with Ellen on some ideas about art and science collaborations, I had a revelation.  Just over the mountains from Rensing Center is  the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute, a fabulous and little-known institution for astronomy research and education. Ellen was unaware of their existence, and my wager is, PARI is unaware of the existence of Rensing. It occurred to me that this Art-Science Center we are dreaming up must begin with an ALLIANCE.  Before we find a home for our center, we must first stitch together our region’s artists and arts organizations, scientists and science organizations, educators, lifelong learners and others who might share our vision of art and science.

Ellen Kochansky's "Weaving"

Ellen Kochansky’s “Weaving”

In addition to Ellen Kochansky of Rensing Center, initial supporters of Symbiosis Art+Science Alliance include Liz Baird and Roy Campbell of the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, Cynthia Pannucci of Art-Science Collaborations, Inc (ASCI), Rieko Yajima of American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS),  David Lynn, Nicole Gerardo and Berry Brosi of Emory University, Jim Costa of Highlands Biological Station, Carey Bagdassarian of William and Mary College, Lisa Alembik of Agnes Scott College’s Dalton Gallery, Adam and Ariel Fristoe of Out of Hand Theater in Atlanta, Marc Merlin of Atlanta Science Tavern, Ben Roy of UT Chattanooga and The Science Zone, Emily Yewell Violin, dancer and dance educator in Atlanta, Mary Early, Gallery Director of Hemphill Fine Arts in Washington, DC, and Ron McCandless of Innovate Our World, an organization to promote STEAM in education.

Add your name to this list!